What Happened To Tim Tebow?

It was only a couple of years that Tebow Mania was in full effect and there was seemingly not a second on ESPN where there was not something about Tebow. Then he was traded to the Jets and all of the turmoil that came after that. The Jets must have been convinced that he could not be a good enough qb that they even started Greg McElroy over him towards the end of the season. All of what happened begs everyone to answer the question of "What has happened to Tim Tebow?".

 After the season ended, there were reports that Tebow might be heading back to Jacksonville to play for the Jags and be back in Florida where he played college ball. Those reports where quickly shot down by the Jaguars as the said that they had not interest in Tebow. Now there has been a couple of reports saying that the Chiefs might be interested in Tebow, but then they got Alex Smith so they most likely will not get Tebow. It seems that every time a rumor comes out that Tebow might go to a team, they deny or do something that will prevent it. Does this mean that teams are trying to make sure that Tebow does not come to their teams next year, but the biggest question is if he  has he done enough to be able to play quarterback in the NFL?

  We all know Tebow for his late game heroics where he would almost always lead the Broncos back to victory, and we all will never forget that overtime playoff win against the Steelers. But for every beautiful pass that gave his team the lead, there was two or three passes that sailed over the receivers head or never even got to him. Also for all those late game heroics, he also had a terrible game for three quarters and did awful against the Patriots right after the Steelers upset. Maybe NFL teams are afraid that Tebow might not be good enough to keep their teams in the games long enough to do his patented late game heroics. If he could not inspire enough hope to start over Mark Sanchez, did what does that say to other teams about his ability to start on their teams. Tebow might have a future in the NFL, but it will not be at quarterback, and he might not like that. He will need to accept that reality or else he might be sitting on the bench all year once again.

  Where do you guys think Tebow will go to, or do you think that he will change positions  Just drop a comment below and let me know.