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29 Sep

The Kansas City Chiefs Are Overrated

I will not normally do this but since this is my first post on the site i write on now, i am putting the link to the article here. If anyone could comment on it or share it off of the site i would appreciate it. My Article


    The chiefs are playing alright but i find are overrated. They have been going minimal yards but managing to score albeit from a lack of opposition scoring and pressure. We will only have to wait to find out what they are about when they come up against one of the more prominent teams in the league.

    All teams gain confidence when they verse the jaguars early in the season...

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    i agree 100% percent with what you are saying, thanks for reading and commenting.

    They haven't played an opponent that has presented them with a significant challenge. This week is no different as they take on the Titans with no Jake Locker. Check out my week 5 picks on my blog!

    Agreed! The K.C. Chiefs will soon look more like the K.C. Chefs when they finally play a more competitive team. Their schedule has been very weak and their scoring output unimpressive. I hope they'll get their butts cooked and beaten appropriately very soon by a really good team like the Denver Broncos. ;)

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